We craft user experiences. Our aim is to make the world better giving people positive, useful and seamless digital experiences.

Devside started off building application (2009). These were the first building blocks for content sharing on the mobile, and are now crucial for businesses to operate and develop.

As pioneers in this discipline, we have worked through every stage of its development right up to the point when web content management systems (with Push notification) and platforms integrating CMS became standard. Throughout, Devside has led the pack in site building practices and tools.

Today, user experience is the starting point for our designs. We look at how and where an application is used, and whether it needs special features and more sophisticated digital marketing functions.

For a modern app, everything that influences the user experience matters. This is one of the most important points of contact with customers, as well as a long-term and measurable brand marketing asset.

Mac and iPhone Image

Team spirit since 2009

As creative designers, our mission is to optimize your customers’ user experience. Through a well defined strategy, which we develop with you, we can go from a simple concept to THE solution that can positively transform your customers’ experience and help you increase your conversion rate.

First European application developer

In 2009, our mobile team was a pioneer in Belgium. Today, it has grown into one of the largest mobile development teams in the country.

We offer both native and cross-platform development because we want nothing less than a great experience for users. The iOS & Android apps that we build are fast, secure and scalable.

Hight Quality

In creative workshops we get together to define functionalities, design concepts and make & test prototypes. We challenge you to go one step further and think about innovative solutions to meet the market’s needs, today and in the future.

The end result is a product with a true added value. Something that works. Something to be proud of.

Strategists, designers, developers

We are the ambassadors of our values, the drivers of our business and the direct connection to our consultants and clients.

Project Manager

Strategic Project Manager make sure the project team (typically consisting of Strategists/Architects/Designers) is worked towards the right goals, and that the client is always in the loop and confident we are on the right track.

UX - UI Designer

Launched in 2009 as a mobile agency, we quickly shifted to become Digital Product Studio. From strategy to product launch and beyond, we work in strategic partnerships with companies that take their digital future seriously.

Senior & experimented Developer

We’re a team of engineers, data scientists and strategists with a passion to create digital products that make people happy and businesses grow.

Build better business software a lot quicker and easier

We are surrounded by screens, tech and a huge volume of data. But is every interaction useful? Needed? By designing and developing high standard technological solutions directly inspired by those who use them, we give back meaning to technology and we place it at the right spot. A meaningful tech augmented by AI and Machine Learning to bring new digital experiences in every people hands.